Primary Care

A primary care physician is one who practices general medicine and typically sees patients for routine, non-emergency medical care in an office or clinic. Unlike specialists who focus on specific areas of health, a primary care doctor focuses more on preventative care and wellness. There are different types of primary care doctors, including family practitioners, obstetricians and gynecologists for women’s health and internists.

Lincoln, Nebraska - see map at right

  1. Antelope Creek Family Physicians
  2. Autumn Ridge Family Medicine
  3. East Lincoln Internal Medicine
  4. Family Health Physicians
  5. Holy Family Medical Associates
  6. Physicians for Women and Integrated Women's Health
  7. Prairie Lake Family Medicine
  8. Southwest Family Health
  9. Stevens Creek Family Medicine


Crete, Nebraska

Saline Medical Specialties


Nebraska City, Nebraska

Nebraska City Medical Clinic


Kearney, Nebraska

Good Samaritan Medical Group